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MMA accessories package with J500A welding helmet

RRP: 53,77 
Sale price: 49,90  *

Delivery time is 2-5 days

✔ Welding helmet J500A
✔ Welding gloves
✔ 2x stick electrodes
✔ 2x welding magnet IPO XS

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**IPOTOOLS Complete welding set – Everything you need for optimal welding!**

With the IPOTOOLS welding set, you get comprehensive equipment for first-class welding. This set combines the best products to give you a worry-free welding experience with optimal safety and performance.

**1. IPOTOOLS J500A automatic welding helmet with welding helmet automatic**.
IPOTOOLS J500A automatic welding helmet allows you to weld hands-free with various welding techniques such as TIG, TIG, MIG, MAG and MMA. With automatic darkening, large field of vision and robust design, this helmet provides the best protection and clear vision.
– Automatic darkening
– Fully adjustable
– For all welding techniques
– Large field of vision
– Robust design

**2. welding gloves made of natural cowhide**.
Our welding gloves provide first-class protection for your hands during various welding processes. They meet European standards (EN12477, EN388, EN407) and are made of high quality cowhide leather.
– Length: 33 cm
– Width: 13 cm
– index finger size: 8,5 cm
– Thumb size: 8 cm

**3rd & 4th stick electrodes for steel**.
High quality stick electrodes (diameter: 3.2 mm and 2.5 mm) for efficient welding of steel. Perfect for various welding applications.
– Length: 350 mm
– Price is for 1 kg

**5. magnetic welding angle**
Indispensable helpers when welding metal parts at different angles (45°, 90°, 135°). The strong magnets hold the workpiece securely in place.
– Load capacity: 13 kg
– Scope of delivery: 2 x Magnetic welding angle IPO1-XS

This comprehensive welding set offers you everything you need to perform professional welding work. From high-quality protection to precise work and perfect positioning – with IPOTOOLS you are well equipped. Order now and experience welding on a new level!

*Note: Further technical details on the individual products can be found in the respective product descriptions.


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