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MMA package accessories with X800A welding helmet

RRP: 74,77 
Sale price: 59,90  *

Delivery time is 2-5 days

✔ Welding helmet X800A
✔ Welding gloves
✔ 2x stick electrodes
✔ 2x welding magnet IPO XS

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**IPOTOOLS Professional Welding Set – Complete Protective Equipment for Welders**.

1. **IPOTOOLS X800A Automatic Welding Helmet with True Color Filter and True Color Field of View**
With the IPOTOOLS X800A automatic welding helmet you can work worry-free and optimally protected in all welding techniques (welding, cutting, grinding). This welding helmet offers:
– **TRUE COLOR filter**: True color vision
– **Optical class**: 1/1/1
– **4 high quality sensors** for automatic darkening
– **Fully adjustable parameters** for all welding techniques
– Extra light and robust construction
– Protection from sparks, splashes and heat for head, face and eyes
– Operating temperature from -5 to 55℃
– UV/IR protection DIN16
– Weight: 560g

Optical class 1/1/1/1 provides you with optimal view of your workpiece and perfectly protects your eyes from harmful rays. The true color filter ensures natural color perception and reduces eye fatigue.

The 4 high-quality sensors ensure fast and reliable darkening while you can fully concentrate on your work. With the various adjustment options, you can adapt the welding helmet to your needs.

The robust headband is fully adjustable and padded to provide maximum comfort.

2. **Natural cowhide leather welding gloves**.
Protect your hands during all welding processes with these high quality welding gloves. They meet the European standards EN12477, EN388 and EN407. Features:
– Length: 33 cm
– Width: 13 cm
– Index finger size: 8.5 cm
– Thumb size: 8 cm

3. **Stick electrodes steel E6013 – 3.2mm**.
These steel rod electrodes have a diameter of 3.2mm and a length of 350mm. The price is for 1kg. Perfect for welding work.

4. **Steel stick electrodes E6013 – 2.5mm**
These steel stick electrodes have a diameter of 2.5mm and a length of 350mm. The price is also for 1kg. Ideal for welding projects.

5. **Magnetic welding angle IPO1-XS**
These magnetic welding angles have a load capacity of 13kg and allow welding at angles of 45°, 90° and 135°. They are perfect for holding and positioning metal parts such as steel plates and pipes.

**Scope of delivery:**
– 1x IPOTOOLS X800A automatic welding helmet
– 1x welding gloves
– 1x 1kg stick electrodes steel E6013 – 3.2mm
– 1x 1kg stick electrodes steel E6013 – 2.5mm
– 2x Magnetic welding angle IPO1-XS

With the IPOTOOLS professional welding set you are optimally equipped for your welding work and enjoy the highest protection and comfort.


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