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MIG/MAG welding is one of the most commonly used of all welding processes. MIG/MAG welding is possibly the most versatile welding process. At Ipotools, we focus on developing reliable, user-friendly MIG/MAG welders with perfect welding performance, to ensure high production capacity for you, regardless of industry or conditions.

MIG/MAG welding machine are using Mig Mag welding technique also known as gas-shielded metal arc welding (GMAW) which is one of the welding processes that use a protective gas shield. This also includes all arc welding processes where shielding gases are used to protect the weld pool from unwanted contact with the oxygen in the ambient air.

MIG/MAG welding is actually two different welding processes: MIG welding stands for metal inert gas welding. This process uses inert – i.e., non-reactive – shielding gases such as argon, helium, or a mix of the two. MAG welding stands for metal active gas welding. During this process, active shielding gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygen (O2) are added to the carrier gas argon. It is, however, also possible to use pure CO2 as a shielding gas for the weld pool.

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