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Tools by Ipotools

In addition to welding accessories, our online store offers a variety of other products to meet your industrial needs. We offer HVLP paint pistols, which are commonly used in the automotive industry for precision paint jobs. We also offer cutting discs, which are used to cut various types of metal, and hydraulic clamps, which provide a secure and efficient method for holding objects in place during welding or other fabrication processes.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint pistols are widely used in the automotive and furniture industries for precision paint jobs. They use a high volume of air at a low pressure to atomize paint into a fine mist, allowing for greater control over the paint application and reducing overspray. HVLP paint pistols offer a more efficient and eco-friendly method of painting compared to traditional air spray guns.

Cutting discs are abrasive tools used to cut through various types of metal. They are typically made of abrasive materials such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or diamond. Cutting discs can be used with handheld angle grinders or chop saws to quickly and accurately cut metal. They are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet the needs of different applications.

Both HVLP paint pistols and cutting discs are important tools for achieving high-quality results in industrial settings. It’s important to choose the appropriate tool and equipment for your specific application to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our diverse range of products and accessories are designed to provide you with the tools you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.


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