IPOTOOLS TIG Welding machines

TIG welding machine by IPOTOOLS. In our offer, you will find two different versions of the TIG welding machines: AC / DC TIG & DC TIG welding machines.

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AC / DC TIG welders: The welding process is mainly used for welding stainless steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloys, and titanium.

TIG welding machine
AC/DC welders

DC TIG welders: The welding process is mainly used for welding thin stainless steel, copper, and magnesium alloys.

TIG welding machine
DC welders

TIG welding is a stable arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode and an inert gas in the welding arc to create high-quality welds. An inert gas is supplied to the welding torch that flows along the welding arc to protect the metals from oxidation and from forming small circular gaps. A tungsten electrode is assembled within the welding torch, which has a higher melting point than most metals.
We recommend that you ignite the arc on the steel first, as this will quickly give you a feel for how the melt is forming and how the welding arc behaves.
Then try to weld the steel sheet without using additional material. This will give you a feel for how the arc and melt move, while also allowing you to practice keeping the electrode tip spaced from the weld…
If you want to find out more about TIG welding, you can find more information here.