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IPOTOOLS Plasma cutters

A plasma cutter is a device with which we can cut various metals by means of a generated arc. Such devices are used in various fields such as metalworking industries and emergency services. Plasma cutting devices are also becoming more and more popular for home use because there is more and more demand from hobby craftsmen who also want to separate and process metals and sheet metal at home. Ultimately, no other device can separate and cut metals more cleanly and faster than a plasma cutter.

The IPOTOOLS plasma cutters differ essentially in the areas of cutting current and ignition.

Cutting current

As a rule, the stronger the current of the device, the better the cutting performance, which can range from 1mm and up to 40mm.

In our offer, you will find plasma cutters from 45A to 100A, with a 45A plasma cutter you can cut metals up to 12mm, and with a 100A device, you can cut metals up to 35mm thick.


The plasma cutters have different types of ignition, HF high-frequency ignition, contact ignition, and low-frequency ignition.

In our offer, all plasma cutters have an HF ignition, although we also offer some models with an HF ignition with a pilot arc.

HF ignition with pilot arc

The pilot arc serves as an auxiliary arc, which is ignited before the main arc during plasma cutting. With the pilot arc ignition, the air is ionized, which becomes conductive and thereby creates a conductive connection to the workpiece. On the one hand, the pilot arc clears the way for a contactless ignition of the main arc and, on the other hand, non-conductive impurities such as paint, rust, etc. are burned from the workpiece at the same time.

Everything you need to know about plasma cutters can be found in our BLOG

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COMPARISON TABLE- Plasma cutters

 Model  CUT-45R  CUT-50 CUT-70R  CUT-100  TC200ACDC
Welding process Plasma cutting Plasma cutting Plasma cutting Plasma cutting Plasma cutting
TIG welding
Tension 230 V AC 230 V AC 400 V AC / 3 ~ (three phase) 400 V AC / 3 ~ (three phase) 230 V AC
Cutting current 15-45 A 10-50 A 20-70 A 20-100 A 20-50 A
Cutting strength to 12mm to 14mm to 25mm to 35mm to 14mm
Duty cycle 45 A – 60%
31 A – 100%
50 A – 60%
40 A – 100%
70 A – 60%
55 A – 100%
100 A – 60%
80 A – 100%
50 A – 35%
40 A – 100%
Work pressure 2-4 bar, 100 l/min 2-4 bar, 100 l/min 2-4 bar, 100 l/min 2-4 bar, 100 l/min 2-4 bar, 100 l/min
Burner type / length PT-31 / 4 m AG-60 / 4m P-80 / 5m P-80 / 5m AG-60 / 4m
Digital display No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ignition HF ignition HF ignition HF ignition – with pilot ignition HF ignition – with pilot ignition HF ignition
IGBT technology Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (mm) 380x170x300 380x290x160 495x200x375 630x400x500 510x190x320
Weight 6,2 kg 8 kg 18,5 kg 25 kg 18 kg


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