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    25x IPOTOOLS Cutting Discs – Flex Disc 230mm

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    50x IPOTOOLS Cutting Discs – Flex Disc 115mm

    RRP: 27,49 
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IPOTOOLS cutting discs

Perfect flex discs for metal

Cutting discs are an indispensable tool in many metalworking processes. They are used to cut and shape pieces of metal into the desired shape, size, and finish. Cut-off discs are typically made from abrasive materials such as diamond, carbide, or aluminum oxide and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the application at hand.

We offer cutting discs with three different diameters. They also differ in terms of strength and cutting speed:

– Cutting disc 115mm

– Cutting disc 125mm

– Cutting disc 230mm

When choosing a cutting disc, it is important to consider the material that you would like to cut, the cutting speed, and the desired finish. These cutting discs belong to the category of aluminum oxide discs and are perfect for materials such as aluminum, steel, iron, sheet metal, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.

Another important factor when choosing a cutting disc is size. The size of the disc should match the size of the material being cut as larger discs are not suitable for smaller materials. Cutting speed is also important as some wheels are designed for use at higher speeds and may not be suitable for slower cuts.

The desired finish is also an important factor. For example, some cut-off wheels are designed to be used with a rough finish, while others are better suited to achieve a smooth finish.

The choice of the blade depends on the type of metal being cut, the cutting speed, and the finish desired. It is important to choose the right cutting disc for the job at hand to get the best results.


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