3 x Professional diamond cutting disc 230 mm

>> IPOTOOLS diamond cutting disc guarantees a fine and fast cut, clean cutting edges and little dust
>> The discs can be used in both dry and wet areas
>> They are professional cutting discs for continuous use
>> The cutting discs are extra thin with reinforced blade flange
>> Best best price-performance ratio
>> Made of high-quality steel cores and diamonds, which can withstand the specified materials without any problems
>> Suitable for cutting of: Concrete products, concrete (without reinforcement), ground stone, bricks, interlocking bricks, paving and lawn edging stones, wall stones, roof tiles (medium hard), old concrete (medium hard)


>> Type: diamond cutting disc 230 mm
>> Set of 3 pieces diamond cutting disc 230
>> Disc diameter: 230mm
>> Bore: 22,23mm
>> Segment height: 10mm
>> Tested according to: EN13236
>> Color: red-white
>> Cooling: every 60-80 seconds
>> Application: for dry and wet cutting
>> Usable: up to 80m/s max. 6.650 rpm


>> 3 x professional diamond cutting disc 230 mm