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IPOTOOLS J500A – Automatic Welding Helmet

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High quality automatic welding helmet with 2 sensors!

IPOTOOLS J500A – Fully adjustable automatic welding helmet 

With the IPOTOOLS J500A automatic welding helmet you can weld freehand without worries, with optimal protection and with all welding techniques (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA/STICK).

✔ Automatic dimming
✔ Fully adjustable
✔ For all welding processes (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA/STICK)
✔ Large field of view
✔ Robust construction


>> Model: J500A
>> Optical class: 1 / 1 / 1 / 2
>> Field of view: 92,5 × 42,5 mm
>> Filter cartridge dimensions: 110mm × 90mm × 9mm
>> Arc sensors: 2
>> DIN Norm (light): DIN4
>> DIN Norm (dark): DIN9-DIN13
>> On/Off: Fully automatic
>> Darkening level: externally adjustable
>> Switching time light to dark: 3/10,000 seconds
>> Sensitivity settings: Stepless adjustment
>> Delay time dark to light: 0.1-0.8 seconds
>> Material: PA/PP
>> Power supply: Lithium battery & solar cells
>> Lithium battery: 600mAh
>> Battery replaceable: No
>> Operating temperature: -5℃ bis +55℃
>> UV/IR protection: DIN16
>> Battery test: No
>> Blackout test: No
>> Weight: 450g


Visibility and protection

The extra-lightweight and durable IPOTOOLS welding mask provides you with a clear view of your workpiece, while your head, face, and eyes always enjoy continuous protection from sparks, splashes, and heat. The protection for your eyes is particularly high, as the welding helmet automatic shields IR and UV rays perfectly. The protection level remains the same in all settings, at the highest level.

Freehand automatic

The optical class 1 / 1 / 1 / 2 offers you clear vision in all welding procedures, while the automatic dimming guarantees you additional comfort. This makes the annoying lifting and lowering of the mask a thing of the past, as the filter automatically darkens when the arc appears, and later switches back to bright when it goes out. You can fully concentrate on your work as both hands are free and you no longer have to worry about flashing.


The automatic welding helmet is fully customizable thanks to other practical settings.

> Externally on the welding helmet you can determine the regulation of brightness (DIN levels 9-13), with this you completely adapt to the lighting conditions (dark/bright).

> Sensitivity knob (inside on the filter cassette) – With this knob, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors (3/10,000 s) as you wish, with one turn of the knob, in order to create the optimum lighting conditions for every situation and every welding procedure. This also ensures that other light sources do not irritate the sensors.

> Delay knob (inside on filter cartridge) – With this knob, you determine the reaction time from dark to light (0.1-0.8 s) with a simple turn of the knob.


The wearing frame in the mask ensures that the mask is optimally adjusted to your head size, so there is no annoying slipping while working. Wearing the mask also feels comfortable, as the carrying frame is additionally padded and fully adjustable by the control knobs, according to the size of the head and the angle of vision.


>> 1x Welding helmet IPOTOOLS J500A
>> 2x Spare lens OUTSIDE
>> 1x Spare lens INSIDE
>> 1x Instruction manual


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