IPOTOOLS Pressure Regulator Argon CO2

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In stock

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Pressure reducer for use in MIG/MAG and TIG processes.

Professional pressure regulator Argon CO2 protective gas pressure regulator

The IPOTOOLS Argon/CO2 pressure reducer is a compact precision control device that requires no maintenance. The valve is ideal for use with MIG/MAG and TIG processes.

✔  High quality and robust pressure reducer
✔  Perfect pressure regulator for MIG MAG TIG
✔  Professional application
✔  Valve bottle pressure gauge 0-315 bar
✔  Flow rate: 0-30 liters/minute
✔  German standard connection W 21,8 x 1/14″
✔  Suitable for hose nozzles from 6-8mm

The individual parts of the pressure regulator are made only from high quality and robust materials. The indicators on the pressure reducer CO2 are extra clearly designed. The regulation on the pressure reducer is done with a rotary knob.

>> Max. Pressure bottle gauge: 0-315 bar
>> Flow rate: 0-30 Liters/ Minute
>> Cylinder connection: W 21,8 x 1/14″
>> Right hand thread
>> Hose nozzle: 6-8mm
>> Regulation: rotary control
>> Weight: 1200g

>> 1x IPOTOOLS Argon/CO2 pressure reducer

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