WELDING LIKE THE PROFESSIONALS. The so-called TIG welding (tungsten inert gas) is the pinnacle of welding processes. It allows clean, precise, and spatter-free work and is suitable for almost all materials, i.e., construction, spring and stainless steel, copper, aluminum, body panels, and titanium. Even the soldering of zinc sheets is possible. All this with just one protective gas, pure argon (Ar 4.6).

For our test, we chose the semi-professional device, the SuperTIG-200DI from IPOTOOLS, a compact welding machine that fits perfectly into any garage workshop. Thanks to the ability to switch from direct to alternating current, it is also suitable for aluminum, a rare feature in this price range.

For advanced users, the SuperTIG-200DI allows a wide range of adjustments to optimize the weld seams. Thanks to a logical menu with visually well-presented, “welding curve” settings can be adjusted precisely.

The highlight: The SuperTIG offers switchable pulse technology. That means distortion-free thin sheet welding is also possible. In our test on fenders from the junk box of a body shop, we were rewarded relatively quickly with usable results. The dreaded burn thru is not a problem thanks to pulses (short-term reductions in current) and the resulting lower heat input. In addition, the thin sheets (0.75 mm) hardly warp. Very good: Work settings for different tasks/materials can also be stored, within the nine job memory locations.

Our conclusion: After a bit of practice, you can also dare to work at the visible sheet metal of the young timer’s body.

Price: 646 €

+ Great weld seams

– Gas connection without quick connect fitting

All tasks with just one protective gas: We used the Tyczka industrial gas Argon 4.6

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