Welding like a professional

TIG Welding is still considered the supreme discipline for DIY Craftsmen. Today’s modern electronics enable even beginners to quickly achieve success in welding. We tested a device from IPOTOOLS.

IPOTOOLS is a brand of IPO Technik-Handels GMBH based in Friedrichshafen. IPOTOOLS has been on the market since 2005 with welding machines and plasma cutters.

Equipment: As usual with devices of this class, the device is delivered ready for operation. Only the TIG torch still needs to be installed. The operating components are distributed over the device as usual. At the front of the machine, we find the area where the working parameters are set and, if necessary, can be saved. Below are the connections for the TIG hose package, the electrode, and the ground clamp. At the back are the gas connection, main switch, and power cable and below next to the gas connection we find a fuse carrier for the machine. The welding machine can be operated in three different modes: MMA, AC, and DC TIG. For professionals, the controls are self-explanatory, and beginners are familiarized with the device and working with it from the well-made operating instructions. The device costs around 470 euros and was classified by us in the upper class.

Test: To start working with the machine, there are only a few movements are necessary. Assemble the torch, connect it or the electrodes and the ground clamp, place the ground clamp on the workpiece and you’re good to go. Once the settings on the device have been adjusted, you can get started. In TIG welding, the arc ignites well and is easy to guide, even for beginners. If the welding process is to be carried out with additional cored wire, this can be inserted easily (beginners should know that a welding helmet is required to have one hand free for the cored wire). The machine also cuts a fine figure for electrode welding. Regardless of the current direction (depending on the electrode), experienced users can achieve good results here (a simple welding shield held in one hand is sufficient for work).

Conclusion: Inverter welding machine TIG INV 185PACDC IGBT Digital from IPOTOOLS is a very good device that will satisfy both, do-it-yourselfers and professionals. With its price of 470 euros, it achieves a good to very good price-performance ratio and a 1.3 in the overall result.

Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Thelen

Technical Data

  • Input Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Open Circuit voltage: 70V
  • Gas Flow Start/Stop Time: 0 – 10 s
  • Efficiency: >= 80%
  • Approx. Weight: 10 kg
  • Approx. Dimensions (L x W x H): 430 x 180 x 280 mm


  • Welding current: 10 – 125 A
  • Intermittent @125A: 30%
  • Arc Force: 1 – 100%


  • Welding Current: 5 – 160 A
  • Intermittent @160A: 25%
  • Current Start/Stop Time (increase/decrease): 0 – 10 s
  • Initial/Final Current: 5-160A Max
  • Pulse Welding Current: 5 – 160 A


  • Welding Current: 20 – 180 A
  • Cleaning Effect: 30% – 70%
  • AC Frequency: 20-100Hz
  • Intermittence @180A: 25%
  • Current Start/Stop Time (increase/decrease): 0 – 10 s
  • Initial/Final Current: 20-180A


  • Function: 50% 1.3llllll
  • Service: 30% 1.4 lllll
  • Equipment: 20% 1.3 lllll


  • Installation
  • Ignition Behaviour
  • Top Class
  • Value for money: good – very good

Anyone familiar with TIG welding will be able to use it straight away, and beginners will find help in the well-written operating instructions

Gas hose, TIG hose package, electrodes, and ground clamp are included in the scope of delivery of the welding machine

IPOTOOLS Inverter Welding Machine TIG INV185PACDC IGBT Digital

Distribution: IPO Technik, Friedrichshafen

Price: around 470 euros

Hotline: +33 (9) 73 05 21 40

Internet: www.ipotools.eu

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