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✔ AC/DC TIG: 20 – 180 A ✔ AC frequency
✔ PULSE function: fully adjustable ✔ HF ignition (TIG)
✔ Duty cycle TIG: 180A–25% / 90A–100% ✔ MMA: 10 – 125 A
✔ 9 Memory Slots ✔ 7 YEARS WARRANTY*
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TIG AC DC 185 welding machine also tested by Heimwerk ( read more here )

A high-quality aluminum TIG welding machine 185 AC DC that leaves nothing to be desired. A perfectly thought-out device ideal for beginners or professionals, which convinces with performance and excellent quality!!

Aluminium TIG welding machine 185 AC DC – WELDING PROCESS

Aluminium TIG welding machine 185 AC DC – TECHNICAL DATA

  • Type: TIG inverter welder 180A

  • Process: full digital TIG AC/DC, MMA

  • Touch panel: job memory, stepless pulse function, stepless variable frequency, etc.

  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz 1-ph. +/-15%

  • Mains fuse (slow blow) min. 16 A (22A)

  • Settings: digital continuous

  • Open circuit voltage: 70 V

  • Adjustment range DC TIG: 5 – 160 A

  • Adjustment range AC TIG: 20 – 180 A

  • Adjustment range MMA: 10 – 125 A

  • Duty cycle TIG DC: 160A-25% / 100A-60% / 80A-100%

  • Duty cycle TIG AC: 180A-25% / 115A-60% / 90A-100%

  • Duty cycle MMA: 125A-30% / 90A-60% / 70A-100%

  • Pulse frequency: 0,5 – 250 Hz

  • AC frequency: 20 – 100 Hz

  • Recommended electrode diameter: MMA 1,0-4,0mm / WIG 1,0-3,2mm

  • Insulation class: F

  • Housing protection degree: IP21S

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 430x180x320mm

  • Weight: 15kg




TIG Welding Machine IPOTOOLS


Universal device for beginners or professionals

With a proud 180A, aluminium TIG welding machine 185 AC DC will allow you to master all welding jobs with perfect results, while not limiting your mobility, as the 4m hose package provides enough maneuvering space to guarantee the best possible working comfort.

The compact unit is very light at 15 kg and is designed to be very practical for transport with the shoulder strap, and belongs to the new generation of welders controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor, making it even more efficient and economical, while the job memory allows you to access your custom settings at any time.


Aluminium TIG welding machine 185 AC DC – TIG WELDING FUNCTIONS

  • 2T / 4T mode – Depending on your habit, you can choose between the two settings. When welding, if the switch is set to “2T mode”, the torch button must remain pressed throughout the welding process, whereas in “4T mode” you only need to briefly press the switch at the beginning and end of the welding process.

  • HF ignition – In most cases, HF high frequency ignition is used in TIG welding. It is a non-contact ignition that creates an arc without having to touch the workpiece with the electrode.

  • TIG / Pulse Switch – Allows switching between TIG Pulse Welding and normal TIG welding.

  • Gas preflow Time – This feature allows you to set the time in seconds for gas preflow, which pushes ambient air away from the weld and creates a protective gas atmosphere before welding begins.

  • Start Current – The start current allows you to star the unit softer, ignite with the start current, and then increase the current to the weld current. This is especially beneficial when welding thin sheets.

  • Welding current – the amperage during welding.

  • Current Rise (Upslope) – You can set this to 0, which means that the unit ignites the arc directly to the set welding current. However, if the set start current is lower than the welding current, the upslope can be set in seconds. In this case, when the torch is operated, the arc ignites at the start current and then increases linearly during the set time until it reaches the set welding current.

  • AC frequency – (only active in AC mode) the AC frequency allows you to adjust the arc width optimally for thin sheets and fillet welds.

  • AC Balance Cleaning Effect – (only active in AC mode) Set the percentage of negative polarities (when negative, no welding is done) compared to the positive polarity. This is a very important setting because you determine how much energy or heat is added to the workpiece.

  • Pulse Welding – In pulse welding, the welding current alternates between base current and pulse current at the desired frequency. The longer the intervals, the less energy and heat is added to the workpiece. By setting the pulse frequency, you determine the time cycle in which the current alternates between pulse and base current. You can also set the percentage of the duration of the pulse current in relation to the base current.

  • Downslope – Exactly the opposite of the upslope, the time during which the current is automatically decreased.

  • End Current – As long as the downslope current has been set, the end current is the one at which the arc goes out. Also compatible with 4T mode.

  • Gas postflow time – The time during which, after the welding process, the torch and the workpiece are cooled by the gas flow.

  • Memory slots – The device has 9 memory slots for storing the set welding parameters, which you can pull up at any time.






Aluminium TIG welding machine 185 AC DC is one of the most advanced TIG welders because it offers you numerous TIG functions with digital control. You can use the unit to set the complete welding ramp from gas preflow and gas post-flow time, current increase and decrease, pulse welding (pulse current, pulse width, pulse frequency), AC frequency, and AC balance in detail.




IPO Technik-Handels GmbH grants all customers a 7-year guarantee for all welding machines and / or plasma cutters that were purchased directly from IPO Technik-Handels GmbH of the IPOTOOLS brand. You can find warranty conditions here: warranty conditions



  • 1x 4m hose package + WP17 TIG torch with accessories

  • 1x ground cable 2m

  • 1x electrode holder 3m

  • 1x instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 52 × 40 × 35 cm
TIG Functions

Foot-Pedal Option, Job Memory: 9 Memory Slots, PULSE Functions: Fully Adjustable

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