What do you want to weld?

When choosing a welding machine, you need to know what to weld and what material to use.

You can weld all types of steel and below we will introduce you to which devices are suitable for certain materials and what you can make from them.

Welding a stainless steel railing

From our experience, we can say that many do-it-yourselfers want to build a balcony, a staircase, or construction, for example. B. to cover an outdoor garden with stainless steel.

TIG welding with a constant welding current is best suited for welding stainless steel. With the TIG torch we create an arc (which occurs when gas breaks down electrically), with which we melt the welded material and, if desired, add the welding material or welding wire manually. With TIG welding, a properly produced weld seam is minimal and barely visible and does not require additional grinding. As soon as the weld seam is finished, it can be easily polished, which immediately gives the desired high gloss.

In the manufacture of railings, tubes and flat steel up to a thickness of 2.5 mm are usually used. To weld these, a welding current of up to 100A is sufficient. Suitable shielding gas is required for the TIG welding process, so that, in addition to a suitable welding device, you also need an argon bottle and a suitable reducing valve.

Never forget to wear protective gloves and a welding mask when welding!

Suitable TIG welding machines:

Welding of frames, shelves, and railings from square tubes

The most suitable welding process for square tubes is MIG / MAG welding. This technique involves direct current welding. During welding, a welding wire is passed through the MIG torch. The wire melts and connects the weld together. The welds are strong, the injection is minimal, and the processing of the weld is extremely quick and easy.

The thickness of the square tubes is usually between 2 and 3 mm, for which a welding current of 100-200A is sufficient. To work with MIG / MAG, we need a protective gas cylinder and a suitable reducing valve.

Suitable MIG MAG welding machines:

Aluminum welding

Aluminum welding is one of the most demanding welding processes. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, the TIG welding process is used, in which aluminum oxide is removed with alternating welding current. The surface on which we weld needs to be thoroughly cleaned and welding require the use of shielding gases of high purity and excellent welding skills. For faster welding, the material can be heated to 175 to 200 ° C.

If you are a beginner we recommend that you seek advice from experienced welders or watch one of the video courses.

Suitable welding equipment:

All of the above devices enable MMA, DC-TIG, and AC-TIG welding.

Aluminum welding is also possible with the MIG / MAG process, in which suitable filler material and shielding gas must be used. In our offer, you will find professional welding devices for TIG, MIG / MAG, and  MMA welding. We offer you high-quality and modern inverter welding machines.

Suitable welding equipment:

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